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Architects of Marketing, Sales & Communications Programs
Vertical Social Networking for insurance, banking & financial services connects you and those who sell your product.

Learn more about our automated program that offers your third party sellers a daily stream of micro-blog content so they can engage, influence and educate their prospects and clients with content that links back to your company-approved messages.

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Whether your objective is prospect marketing, customer marketing (customer service) or
internal marketing (motivation and training), we’ll help you build a solid strategic foundation,
structure the best process to carry out your vision and then provide on-time, on-target
and on-budget implementation.
Marketing Strategy Development
Facilitated Business Building
Marketing Performance Measurement
Communications, Education & Motivation Programs
Marketing & Communications Process Audits
Marketing Forensicssm Audit
Optimizing the Prospect's Brand Packagesm
Program Implementation
Direct Marketing Packages & Programs
B2B Sales Materials
Marketing MasterClassessm, Training & Courseware
Market Manageeringsm Desktop Sales Help Files
Create the strategy to turn inquirers into tryers, tryers into buyers and buyers into loyal customers.
Unlock the marketing problem-solving ability of your staff consultant-facilitated, on-site sessions.
Measure the right things and measures things right by developing meaningful yardsticks of marketing performance.
Guide the sales process, even when it's in the hands of others, through just-in-time, desktop delivery of marketing and training materials.
Sell change throughout the organization through a systematic, eight step approach.
Transform your marketing, sales and communications processes to make them more valuable.
Develop strategically consistent, customer-focused sales and marketing materials that represent you well.
Help direct response prospects fully experience your brand as they learn, try, buy and use your products and services.
Translate your strategy into winning direct response acquisition and retention programs.
Showcase your capabilities, products and services with functional and compelling collateral materials for sales staff and institutional partners.
Equip sales staff to sell and Customer Service to support your products and services through training and coaching.
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