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Program Implementation
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Communications, Education & Motivation Programs
Set change throughout the organization through a systematic, eight-step approach.
  Beliefs (How we act)
  Goals (What we wish to accomplish)
  Initiatives (Specific programs)
  Tools (Learning the tools)
  Metrics (How we judge success)
  Events (Milestones)
  Reviews (Overall performance and feedback programs)
  Results (Summary level)
  12-month program
  Total program management
  3 major team events
  8 one-hour educational sessions measurement tools
  3 Measurement opportunities
  8 planned 3-dimensional mailings to reinforce issue
  Message/educational topics
  Vision brochure for wide distribution
  Presentation to senior management
  Variety of environmental reminders/posters, cups,
Post-Its, etc.
  Individual/team awards for customer satisfaction
  Presentation slides and materials for education
  Professional art, illustration, and photography
  Deliver info through email, internal bulletin boards, and print
  Overall program theme/logo to carry concept
  Participatory contest