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Institutional Communication Program
For the premier producer of mail and messaging solutions for small business, developed the association and co-marketing sales strategies, direct mail and presentation materials to equip internal staff with the required materials and marketing processes.

Direct Marketing Program
For a European training and publishing client, developed and conducted a turnkey marketing operation for the sale of Peter Drucker Videos in the US. Project included developing and executing a marketing strategy with associated lists, direct response ads, direct mail, fulfillment services, as well as establishing the necessary credit card operation.

Third Party Marketing Strategy
For a proprietary insurer and annuity marketer, led an internal team developing the marketing and overall business plan for the introduction of annuities and mutual fund options. Project included product design and sales/cost projections.

High Net Worth Sales Strategy
For a regional bank, developed sales strategy and sales tracking systems for the Trust Department as an ongoing high net worth customer solicitation. As part of the program, created the sales tracking methodologies, management monitoring system, as well as all
customer communications.

Marketing Strategy
For a new financial startup company, helped to develop the marketing and distribution for a unique retirement process for distribution through institutional clients and advisor markets. Engagement includes developing new business strategies and the implementation of a variety of marketing communications materials.

Communications Audit and Process Maturity
For an online service, conducted an audit of all member communications efforts to help company set standards for tone, manner, content and delivery of member messages. Compiled DM response histories. Using a unique version of the SEI Process Maturity Model, compared the Company’s Corporate Communications process to the five levels of process maturity to develop a more effective and efficient process.

Marketing Index of Quality
For a large savings bank, developed and implemented a Marketing Index of Quality (MIQ) that summarized the Report Card and Measurement Program of individual areas.

Investment Products Strategy
For a direct response insurer, developed the marketing strategy and administrative systems for SPDAs and Flex Annuity sales through third parties (credit cards, banks and stockbrokers). Also developed marketing process for sale through the nation's first stand-alone insurance kiosk
in a supermarket.

Customer Service Process
For a large mutual fund organization, we created and conducted a series of Marketing Forensicssm workshops which analyzed and directed the rewriting of a 496 piece customer service form letter library. We also created a video and workbook. In addition, the project developed standards for written and telephone communications focusing on improved customer service.

Direct Marketing Process
For the subsidiary of a large insurer, we developed a direct marketing approach and the marketing strategy for insurance and annuity market products. As part of this project, developed a set of success guidelines. Also conducted a course on the principles of direct marketing for
senior management in preparation for their anticipated purchase of another carrier.

Communications Effectiveness Process
For one of the nation's largest associations, we employed our unique Marketing Forensicssm Program to measure, analyze and recommend improvements in their marketing and customer communications materials. The project included analysis as well as on-site training of communications personnel.

Marketing Communications Training Program
For the premier financial rating service, conducted a training course designed to teach marketing professionals how to develop better communications materials for the business market.

Marketing Training Program
For one of the country’s largest re-insurers, devised and conducted a series of MasterClassessm, which led their communications staff through the development of their first, formal integrated communications strategy.

Vendor Management Process
For the telemarketing division of a large insurer, created and documented a new vendor management model including vendor selection, evaluation, management and ongoing certification processes. In conjunction with a subject matter expert, developed approximately 50 tools to aid team members in using the model. Project culminated in training members of the department in the tools and techniques of the model.

Account Management Process
For the telemarketing division of a large insurer, created and documented a new account management model including administration, project management, and continuous improvement phases. In conjunction with a subject matter expert, developed 35 tools and procedures to aid team members in the completion of a variety of tasks performed in creating and carrying out implementation strategies and tactics. Project culminated in training members of the department in the tools and techniques of
the model.

Sales Materials
For a large financial institution with a primary market of teachers, professors and related staff, developed a “just-in-time” sales and education aid for their internal staff to facilitate the telemarketing of annuities, mutual funds and life insurance products over the phone.

Creativity Training
For a major insurer, developed and conducted a series of seminars which taught participants how to be creative. The course provides a framework for translating marketing strategy into creative direct mail execution, as well as how to judge the creative output, as well as develop and maintain consistent standards for the creative process.

Sales Communications Process
For a pharmaceutical firm, completed a yearlong project on Internal Customer Satisfaction to improve the effectiveness of the Sales Administrative function. It led to the proposal of communications standards, as well as organizational changes to help introduce quality principles into the marketing and sales function.

Map-Marketing Action Process
For a major financial service company, conducted an in-house workshop for high-level marketing managers. Participants developed marketing strategies for a long-term care product.

Direct Marketing Strategy Process
For a financial services company, developed B2B strategy and materials to assist in the company's transition to a mutual insurance company as well as created direct marketing strategy and mail kits for a variety of insurance products.

Audit Process
For a pharmaceutical company, developed a series of tools, techniques and processes for campaign implementation for inbound customer response center, as part of a consulting team.