Linder Associates
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Program Implementation
Products & Services
Facilitated Business Building
Unlock the marketing problem-solving ability of your staff
through consultant-facilitated, on-site sessions.
  What we want to accomplish
  How we will operate
  Defining our roles
Determining Who We Are
  What we know
  What we need to know
  Who we need to get it from
  What we need to collect
  Develop sales and motivation hypothesis
WOTS UP Exercise
(Weakness, Opportunities, Threats and Strengths)
  Our assessment of weaknesses, opportunities, threats and strengths of both products and the way we sell and service the business (the process)
Developing Standards and Criteria for Success
  How do we judge our efforts?
  How do we judge program success?
  How do we judge the satisfaction of our customers?
Profiling Our Customers
  Defining the various customer segments
  Developing a picture of our customers
Defining the Fact/Benefit Matrix
  Defining our product line
Defining Business Goals and Strategic Vision
  How do we see the business today and in the future?
Prioritizing Our Goals
  Assigning priority and value to our strategies
  Spending percentages