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Program Implementation
Vertical Social Networking for insurance, banking & financial services connects you and those who sell your product.

Spread your message across the world, while saving time & effort.

Vertical Social Networking (VSN) for Financial Services Companies
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Social media is fast becoming a significant force in financial marketing.  Your customers are researching products on social networks.  Your industry is beginning to publish guidelines and define best. Your agents, brokers, RIAs, and other third party sellers are already on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. And your competitors are finding social media is a cost-effective way for insurance, banking, financial services firms to market.

We can make it easy for you to launch a vertical social network for those who sell your products and services. Our automated program offers your third party sellers a daily stream of micro-blog content so they can engage, influence and educate their prospects and clients with content that links back your company approved messages. We combine a proprietary technology platform with extensive experience in financial service marketing to deliver this low cost, high value program.

What is it?
Our service is a system that sweeps the internet daily for content relevant to your Company's specific marketing interests -- as you define them. Then we edit that daily content as well as your existing information assets into posts so they link back the Company-approved brand and content messaging on your web site. We automatically deploy this content as a daily stream of posts directly into the Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or other social media accounts of your signed-up sellers.

Framework: We work with you to create your unique social media profile & functionality and interest areas. Then we develop the content generation, approval and deployment processes and outline the seller promotional material and training materials. Next comes the creation of the "Timeless" library of content which will be available for immediate launch. We analyze and mine your existing marketing collateral and educational materials for re-useable social media content and edit both types of content for micro-blogging and create links to your web site content. To create the daily feeds --the "Timely" content, we edit internet sweeps, compliance them with the Company and subsequently deploy approved posts to the sellers... directly into their social media accounts. In addition, you receive a monthly usage monitors and metrics report and post archive.

Advantages to the Company

  • Provide value-added to your sellers.
  • Become the "go-to" source for sellers.
  • Give your message "legs".
  • Get your brand's message out fast and repeatedly.
  • Maintain on-brand control of your message.
  • Monitor message compliance.
  • Increase your Google scores as third parties use and reuse your posts with links back to your brand.
  • Increase marketing ROI with this low cost media.

Advantages to the Seller

  • Solves their biggest problem - how to generate a constant stream of content that supports their business development strategies.
  • Helps them build relationships and credibility.
  • Generates exposure and qualified leads.
  • Reduce their overall marketing costs substituting lower cost social media for more expensive media.

See how the program works in real time

We'll create a one month test program for you.

  • Create 50 "timeless" and 50 "timely" posts.
  • Posted to our 25 sample seller accounts to which you have viewer access.
  • Usage reports.
  • One day consultation which includes:
    • High level requirements document.
    • Content development, approval and deployment process diagram.
    • Program deployment plan and budget.